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Orchids and even more orchids


Levoplant presents its great variety of orchids.

The standard mix with a variety of orchids, offering outstanding value for money. The attractive heart-shaped label immediately reflects the orchid mix line.

- Twelve centimetre orchid mix
- Different packaging varieties
- Excellent value for money
- Unique, fancy heart-shaped labels
- Broad range of varieties in different length and color combinations

ILike® Supreme
Specially selected varieties for a specific quality. The especially fancy double label emphasizes an exclusive look. The orchids have two branches and more than eighteen buds.

- Twelve centimetre orchids by variety
- Specially selected varieties
- Two branches with more than 18 buds
- Fancy look with double label

ILike® Duetto
A rich orchid in a 17 centimetre pot. Specially selected varieties for a specific quality. The fancy bronze label indicates that this is the large Duetto.

- Two orchids in a 17 centimetre pot
- Heavy-duty quality (three to six branches)
- Specially selected varieties
- Rich large orchid



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New product of Levoplant. Introduction on the IPM 2020.

Company profile

Welcome to Levoplant, a family business specialised in growing Phalaenopsis orchids and Cordyline australis. We rank amongst the Netherlands’ leading pot plant nurseries, based on providing superior quality and cooperating with companies throughout the chain. The company is housed across four different locations in Westland, with a total surface area of 135,000 m2. So we’re more than capable of supplying large batches.
Levoplant strives to achieve optimal quality and reliability. Quality sustained by delivering top-notch Phalaenopsis and Cordyline australis day in day out. Reliability by honouring our agreements time and again, making us your preferred supplier of Phalaenopsis and Cordyline australis now and in the future.