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Mr. Albert Van Veen
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Euphorbia milii

Euphorbia milii

New introduction for this year are 2 new euphorbia milii varieties!

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M. van Veen BV Welcomes you at out stand!


In out stand you will find a wide selection of our product range.


in our range you will find bedding and patio plants. but also foliage plants, flowering potplants and last but not least you will find Euphorbia Milii in our range.

Some examplesof products you will find in our range, Pericallis Senetti, Xerochrysum Granvia, Impatiens NG, Petunia Cascadias und Surfinia, Fuchsia, Lavandula, Rosmarinus, Gaura, Euphorbia Milii, and Ficus. 

We are the breeder of a lof winning and suceesfull varieties in the Euphorbia range.

Also this year we will introduce new colours and varieties! For further questions visit our stand!


We look forward to welcoming you in our stand during the Fair!


Kind regards,


M van Veen B.V.

Aalsmeerderweg 725

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