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A solution that improves the light transmittance of existing greenhouses.

What is AntiReflect?
AntiReflect is the first after-market anti-reflection solution for glass greenhouses to increase light transmission. A large part of the year, light is the limiting
factor for production under glass. More light is therefore very welcome.

AntiReflect improves light transmission by reducing reflection, so more light is available for the crop.
Applying AntiReflect will increase transmission with about three per cent (measured hemispherical). AntiReflect is developed to be fully compatible with other ReduSystems coatings and ReduClean, thus optimizing light levels in the greenhouse all year round.

• About three per cent more light in the greenhouse
• Ready-to-use: no mixing needed
• Developed to be compatible with other ReduSystems coatings
• Very wear resistant

AntiReflect should always be applied by a trained operator of a computer controlled spraying machine. 

Company news

Mardenkro publishes second book: “ReduSystems: The bright side of growing”

Mardenkro publishes second book: “ReduSystems: The bright side of growing”

Due to the great success of the first book, Mardenkro publishes a second book called “ReduSystems: The bright side of growing”. This book highlights the new, revolutionary product AntiReflect and explains how this product ensures a light gain of approximately 3% on existing horticultural glass.

Mardenkro, known for his ReduSystems products, would like to share his knowledge by publishing a second book. Since the publication of the first book, 2 years ago, a lot has changed within the company. As a specialist in light and heat-resistant coatings, Mardenkro is expanding into a product line that enables growers to optimize their greenhouse climate throughout the year.

The new book combines Mardenkro’s best read articles that were published during 2016/2017 and provides more insight into the technology behind the products. Jort Gerritsen, CEO Mardenkro: “We started as a chalk company and now, about 25 years later, we are developing smart chemistry so that every grower can create the perfect greenhouse climate. During 2018, we will launch a product package that, combined, ensures that up to 10% more light will enter the greenhouse.”

Curious about the technology behind light transmission optimization or other topics regarding improving the greenhouse climate? The new book will be officially presented during the first day of the IMP-fair in Essen, Germany. You can pick up a free copy at stand number 3C39 of Mardenkro or download the book at

Company news

Calculation model accurately predicts increased production with AntiReflect

Calculation model accurately predicts increased production with AntiReflect

In advance of practical trials, Wageningen UR has calculated the extent to which production increases under AntiReflect. The outcomes are very much in line with early practical results.

Read more about the new AntiReflect solution.

Company profile

Mardenkro assists greenhouse growers all over the world in controlling sunlight. ReduSystems to protect the crop, AntiReflect, AntiCondens and cleaning agent to maximize light transmission. Each Mardenkro product is of the highest quality, environmentally friendly and offers an appropriate solution for every crop. In the Mardenkro laboratory, new products are continuously developed in association with leading international research institutes, universities and growers.

ReduSystems is a group of removable coatings that gives the grower more control over their greenhouse climate. ReduSystems coatings are easy to apply, highly wear-resistant and can be removed at any time. No matter where in the world a crop is grown, ReduSystems offers crop specific value with proven products and specialized solutions.

Every situation and geographic location is different which makes that the ideal ReduSystems product can vary greatly. To facilitate your choice, we have brought together our experience and knowledge in an online tool; the ReduWizard. Use the Reduwizard at .