Howieker Str. 28
DE 26655 Westerstede

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The nursery was founded in the year 1961 and produces nowadays on a surface from about 105  hektar a wide range of konifers and  decidious trees and shrubs. The production in open fields and container  includes trees,konifers up to 9 meter,decidious trees and shrubs up to 1o meter and a wide range of bonsais. On a surface from about 15 hektar we only produce rhododendron up to 350 cm. Our clients are situated in landscaping,other nurseries, gardencenter,cities and comuns and trading companies.  Our quality plants are growing also in foreign countries like Italy,France,Sweden,Norway,Denmark,Finland,the Netherlands,Belgium,Turkey, Russia,Ukraine, Poland,Austria and Switzerland.

Our quality makes a little bit more from our nature.