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Products and new innovations

CoolFin® & CoolCube® - Full Passive Horticulture LED Top Light Systems up to 2000µmol/s

CoolFin® & CoolCube® - Full Passive Horticulture LED Top Light Systems up to 2000µmol/s

MechaTronix, with its background in advanced thermal management, is the first company ever to develop full passive horticulture top light systems all the way up to 2000µmol/s.

In eco-partnership with Osram OS and Ledil, the CoolFin® and CoolCube® LED top light features a stunning efficacy of 2.5µmol/J with a perfect light and energy dispersion through lens TIR batwing technology. Besides the ultra-high power platforms MechaTronix features the most broad range of horti LED engine systems for OEM builders – with the CoolBlock® series a wide variety of horti LED engines can be created.

The company has advanced R&D teams in Taipei and Kaohsiung Taiwan and offers besides development services also thermal consultancy to lighting designers, ranging from calculation models to full computational modeling for advanced systems.

Product range

CoolBlock® series- Modular Pin Fin LED Coolers

CoolBlock® series- Modular Pin Fin LED Coolers

Advanced high power Pin Fin LED Coolers for square and rectangle LED engines.

With 3 formats of pin fin coolers, specially light weight designed, it go from 50 watts or 130μmol all the way to 400μmol per block.

Direct fit with Ledil Strada lenses for IP67 waterproof designs in various beam patterns.

Star-shaped heat sink pins for enhanced rigidity and cooling surface.

CoolBeam® patented fixture kits available - Made to accommodate the 2x2MX CoolBlock® units, with multiple choices of housing and brackets, these kits start off from 3 units or an equivalent of 400μmol/S, and go all the way up to 1.600μmol/s.

Our easy CoolConnect® interconnection screws let you combine as many 2x6 or 3x11 units as you want into a perfect horticulture top light.

 For more information on CoolBlock®  LED cooling for horticulture applications, please contact us ( or visit our website .

Product range

CoolFin® & CoolCube® - High Power Horticulture LED Top Light Systems

CoolFin® & CoolCube® - High Power Horticulture LED Top Light Systems

These high power coolers have an ultra compact design with an extreme cooling performance as high as 0.1K/W. Four individual horti COBs or LOBs, each under its individual lens, generate as much as 1800μmol in the PAR spectrum. The CoolFin® has been designed to generate a minimal overall height, so that it can be placed in grow containers and indoor spaces with low ceiling for horticulture cultivation without sunlight. The CoolCube® at his side has been created with the idea of minimal shading in glasshouse cultivation - with a width of only 20cm this cooler fits perfect under the construction bars of the glasshouses.

  • Advanced Ultra High power LED cooler with stackfin and heat pipe structure.
  • Ideal for horti greenhouses daylight extension or supplementary lighting.
  • Accommodating 4 high power COB or LOB LED engines size 28x28mm or 38x38mm.
  • Full accessory kit with LED cooler, PSU mounting plates & lens holder.
  • Flexible mounting options with screw mounting or wire clips.
  • Other accessories like COB/LOB holder & lenses separate available.

 For more information on LED cooling for horticulture applications, please contact us ( or visit our website .

Company news

MechaTronix - horticulture top lighting made easy

MechaTronix - horticulture top lighting made easy

With 3 off-the-shelf available pin fin coolers, all aiming at horticulture lighting projects, we offer the most comprehensive range of standard LED engines ever developed. What makes the CoolBlock® LED Coolers so ideal for horticulture and floriculture top light projects.

All the CoolBlock® LED Coolers are designed for full passive LED cooling – no fans or other moving parts are needed, what makes their life time infinite.

The CoolBlock® LED Coolers are always developed in conjunction with existing optics which fit the use in horticulture applications. This is probably already one of the biggest differentiators with other horticulture top lighting products – by using batwing technology, the light output is corrected in this way that the energy is completely even dispersed over the surface – this is done by a slight suppression of the center of the beam what compensates for the longer traveling light beams and finally results in the most perfect equalization of the light on the plants.

Once the lenses are fixed on the CoolBlock® and the back side is sealed with the CoolConnect® gland, the complete engine is IP67 ingress waterproof protected.

All CoolBlock® models are foreseen from an e-coating finish, what makes them perfect resistant to sulfides, UV and other reagents often used in an horticulture environment.

And last but not least – each CoolBlock® stands for an absolute maximized thermal performance in its size, leading to unprecedented power densities (and minimal shading as a result).


For further information on CoolBlock® series horticulture top lighting please contact us ( or visit our website .

Company news

Horticulture lighting – how to keep it cool?

Horticulture lighting – how to keep it cool?

That horticulture lighting is hot these days is an understatement. The media attention, dedicated events and manifold speakers attracting the listeners all point out that there is a big future (read capital) behind led lighting in the horti- and agriculture sphere. All the players are preparing their strategies and products to earn a piece of the pie, and so is one of the thermal market leaders, MechaTronix from Taiwan. We speak to Koen Vangorp, CEO of the company.

“The thermal challenges and opportunities in horticulture lighting are from an unprecedented level and will definitely impact the future of our company. Were we started off with cooling of spot lights and down lights ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand lumen, we now end up in the era of kilowatts of energy losses which need to be cooled away, environments with extreme needs on temperature and humidity control, and nothing yet standardized on the market…”
“First of all it is worth knowing that independent the power of your luminaire, the heat losses of horticulture LEDs are completely different as those we know best from our white lighting sources. While white corrected single emitters or COBs range from efficiencies of 20% up to 35%, horticulture LEDs with their specific wavelengths like royal or deep blue, hyper red and far red come at a complete different efficiency and resulting heat loss.Here below an easy overview of a few variants. So on first sight we can conclude that the heat losses in horticulture luminaires are depending on the color and wavelength mix, and are significantly less than in white light applications”

  • White LED emitter | 20-35% Efficiency | 65-80% Heat loss
  • Royal/Deep Blue LED emitter | 65-70% Efficiency | 30-35% Heat loss
  • Hyper Red LED emitter | 50-55% Efficiency | 45-50% Heat loss
  • Far Red LED emitter | 40-45% Efficiency | 55-60% Heat loss

“On the other hand the power used per square meter or running meter is much higher in horticulture farming compared to for example a retail project. In horticulture farming we have to distinguish greenhouse farming from vertical farming or city farming projects. Without the extra daylight the power used per square meter easily goes up as far as 400 watts per square meter. Taken in account the losses seen above, that means that 200 watts of heat has to be cooled away, in a luminaire as small and light weight as possible, with respect to the environmental needs like waterproof IP degrees. Looks challenging, but keep in mind that the energy saving effect in these power consuming environments only make the ROI’s shorter and more worth going for it compared to the old technology”.

“We can’t unveil all our plans yet as it’s going to be a challenging market, but a good example of our investments in horticulture LED cooling is going to be the new CoolFin®. The first model is a 600 watt ultra-compact light weight cooler based on advanced heat pipe technology. Reason for this choice was simple – a quick market share with the ideal replacement for the current 1000 watt HID horticulture installed field. In parallel the major LED brands are preparing the first horticulture LED engines on this platform while the optic specialists are working on the lenses. Launch is expected end of the first quarter 2018”

For further information on horticulture lighting please visit our website .

Company profile

Mastering LED Cooling – that is where we stand for.

With over 250 standard off-the-shelf available LED coolers, a close cooperation with all the major LED brands like Bridgelux, Citizen, Cree, Nichia, Osram, Philips, Xicato, … and a knowledge on thermal design praised by many leading lighting designers, MechaTronix became the global leading power house in thermal management of LED driven lighting applications, expertise in developing LED heat sinks, High Bay / Industrial advanced LED coolers and greenhouse horticulture LED lighting.