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MX 62450 Cuernavaca Morelos Mexico
Mr. Mariano Alejandro Oropeza Sosa
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Company profile

The Consejo Estatal de Productores de Ornamentales de Morelos, A.C. CEPOMAC (State of Morelos Ornamental Producers) was founded on june 2, 2006, it is the 
organization that groups and represents the producers of the state of Morelos, based on the Federal Law of Sustainable Rural Development, in which it is the representative of the union as a Non-Government Representative of the Ornamental Product System of Morelos, the main target is to strengthen and make links between the supply chain process.

Currently, the non-governmental representative of the Morelos Ornamental Product System and chaired by Mr. Mariano Alejandro Oropeza Sosa.