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Benefit from our 60 years of experience!

We know the demands of your business based on our many years of experience and we incorporate this knowledge into our operations. MSD Ltd. (abbreviation from Möschle Seifert Dämpftechnik) has united the steaming technology profession and experience of its long-established predecessors, Möschle and Seifert. Today we are counted among the worldwide leading suppliers of steam boilers, steaming solutions and systems, which are particularly used in horticulture, agriculture and wineries.

We know the needs of our customers. We have so far successfully supplied our products to more than 3.000 customers worldwide. These include large organisations such as the United Nations.

Internationality is very important for us. Being a German company located in Durbach and having a TUEV-certified producing plant in Hungary and distribution partners worldwide, we ensure optimal advice and quality, which always impresses our customers.

MSD AG sees itself as a technology leader. Our steam boilers and steaming systems have proved themselves for various applications, for example:

 Horticulture and nursery gardens:
Sanitising and remediation of cultivation soils and weed control
 Mushroom cultivation:
Pasteurising of cultivation rooms, sterilising of cultivation soils, as well as combined use of steam for heating
Combination boilers for sterilising and cleaning of storage tanks, heating of mash and must, for warm and hot water and for weed control in vine rows.
For any industrial purposes requiring saturated steam or superheated steam of max. 1 bar and max. 200°C.
Pre-treatment of foodstuff residues, elimination of invasive neophytes, sanitization of barns

You too can benefit from our state-of-the art MSD technology - steam can do more!


Steam is an ecological response to your requirements
Steam gives you more crop yield
Steam leaves no noxious residues
Steam improves your soil quality
Steam is a natural herbicide, pesticide and fungicide
Steam is a progressive method thanks to state-of-the-art technologies
Steam protects ground water
Steam ensures health for plants andpeople