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Everything about steaming

Everything about steaming

Gaps in effectiveness and increasing resistances of weeds and diseases, but also bans and restrictions of herbicides are increasing the public interest in steaming. Steaming processes can be implemented in all sectors of horticulture, from greenhouses to the open land. As a result, modern and time-saving as well as energy efficient cover steaming processes are catching on.

On the open land, semi-automatic and fully automatic steaming machines are successfully in use, especially on vegetable farms and tree nurseries. Technical progress has been made with the use of spike-covers for sandwich-steaming. With these, steam can be output up to a depth of 25 centimetre using 17 centimetre long spikes. First experiences saw energy savings of 50 percent compared to conventional cover-steaming.

Combating invasive neophytes like the Japanese knotweed and the yellow nutsedge is effective using steam. Also, combating weeds, soil-borne diseases, pests and soil fatigue with steam at strawberry- and tree nurseries is showing a good effect. Finally, steaming processes are used to combat weeds in public green areas and parks.

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