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Product range

Greenhouse & Multi-layer Plant Factory System

Greenhouse & Multi-layer Plant Factory System

For Parus, we have a bunch of products that can be applied to Home, office, Greenhouse and plant factory. Here we want to introduce you some of our popular products for Greenhoue and Plant factory system:

Recommended Products For Greenhouse:

  •  RA Series with Water Cooling system or RA series with Active Cooling
  •  Plug Plant System

Recommended Products For Plant Factory Sytem: 

  •  Cafe Farm
  •  PMF TC80/T180
  •  Container Plant Factory
  •  Total Solution Provider
  •  Multi-layer Plant Factory System

For more information, please visit our offical website www.parus.co.kr 

Company profile

New ideas always changed the world and made our dreams come true. PARUS has developed grow lights that can replace sunlight since its establishment in 2003. We want to create the future of horticulture and agriculture and bring it to greenhouses, plant factories, research centers, homes and offices.

PARUS is a Korean company; the head office is in Shanghai, China. You can obtain PARUS products in a fast and reliable way through our global network.

We have distributors with good expertise in Europe, America, Asia, Russia and the Middle East. These experts will use their technical knowledge and acquired know-how about LED grow lights to provide the best value and service to you.

Until now, as the result of long-time studies and based on the accumulated technology and know-how, we have developed and produced grow lights and acquired the original patents for various innovations. In the future, PARUS will keep going on to be a leading grow light company, to realize an environmentally sound and energy saving future.