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Product range

Product Range -Green House and Plant Factory System

We can divide our products in for categories like for Home & Office, Green House, Plant Factory Lighting & Plant Factory System.

For Home & Office products, one of our agent attended in this exhibition so I will omit this category.

For Green House, we have products as below.

a.     RA Series (Active Cooling) can replace HPS 200W~1000W with energy saving.

b.    PPS (Plug Plant System)

c.     High efficiency RA WC series (water cooling) can replace HPS 600W, 1000W with energy saving.

d.    PGL-D-RBC compensates for light from side

e.     PGL-PFL 1 line & 2 lines

f.      SOL Series (Bulbs – PGL-B18 Grow, PGL-B07 Flower, PGL-B18 Flower)

g.    Color Dimming Controller

For Plant Factory Lighting, we have products as below.

a.     PGL-PFL-RB Control

b.    PGL-PFL-RB Standard

c.     PGL-BOX

d.    PGL-PFL-RB White

e.     PGL-PFL-T5

f.      Water Cooling for Plant Factory System LED bar

For Plant Factory System, we have products as below.

a.     Café Farm Seedling

b.    Café Farm

c.     PMF-TC180

d.    Container Plant Factory

e.     Hydroponic Plant Factory System – Total Solution Provide

f.      Aeroponic Plant Factory System – Total Solution Provide

For more details, please check our webpage www.parus.co.kr

Company profile

Since 2003 - LED Grow Light

dream feeds creativity, and creativity actualizes a dream.
New ideas have changed the world and make our dreams come true. We always dreamed to build a little sun that people can easily and conveniently use. PARUS has developed grow lights that can replace the sun light with passionate and challenging spirit since its establishment in 2003. So that we can realize the high-tech agriculture and bring it homes, offices, greenhouses and buildings.
We have distributors with expertise in Europe, America, Asia, Russia and the Middle East, these experts with technical knowledge and acquired know-how about LED grow light will provide the best value and service for you.

PARUS is a Korean company; the head office is in Shanghai, China. You can meet PARUS products in a fast and reliable way through our global network. 

Until Now
Based on the accumulated technology and know-how, we has developed and produced plant grow lights as the result of long time studies, PARUS acquired the original patents of plant culture lighting apparatus and produces various products. 

To the future
PARUS never be satisfied with the present stage but will go on and be a leading company of plant grow light, to meet the “environmentally sound and energy saving” future.

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