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At present, Piccoplant is selling more than 50 different varieties of azalea.

Especially beautiful and decorative for any garden are the so-called “Knap-Hill azalea”. These Britain-bred plants stand out through their extraordinary variety of colours and their enormous luminosity.

In the time of October until November, garden-fans are pleased with the magnificent colour of their autumn leaves. Their colour scale ranging from yellow over orange and red to shades of bronze, which imparts wonderful colourings in an otherwise grey season.

The ungrafted varieties out of our in vitro laboratories are robust and healthy. They feature a very well branched out built with many flower buds. Every plant is resistant to winter cold. More information can be obtained at

The most beautiful varieties can be ordered by our private customers in our online shop

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A nutrient medium, that was specifically designed in Piccoplants laboratories is the basis for plants, that are more robust, healthy and bushy than normal cuttings.

Our assortment of Rhododendron contains more than 170 varieties in all colours possible for the large flowered hybrids:

The evergreen varieties are beautiful the whole year long. In their flowering period, they show especially colourful blossoms.

About 60 varieties are low-growing yakushimanum or repens hybrids. Origin of yakushimanum hybrids is the Japanese Yakushima isle. These plants feature a dense and compact growth, high tolerance for solar radiation and an abundant flowering. Similar characteristics are shown by the English-originating repens hybrids as well.

Our product range is completed by a selection of the most beautiful williamsianum and wardii hybrids.

The rhododendrons are delivered as young plants in multitrays or in Tb9 pots, as well as in 2-litre-containers with flower buds.

Especially beautiful and rare varieties for private customers can be ordered in our online-shop More Information about the company can be found on  

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With an assortment of more than 400 lilac varieties and an output of about 500.000 plants per year, Piccoplant belongs by far to the worlds biggest lilac producing companies.

 In production, we solely use healthy mother plants to ensure producing vital and well branched juvenile plants. The resulting output of ungrafted shoots is robust and healthy and contains no strenuous wild stock.

 Our assortment encloses many lilac cultivars from different breeders, that received the renowned “Award of Garden Merit” of the british “Royal Horticultural Society”.

Fulfilled criteria for winning this prize were:

 -      Excellence for use in ordinary gardens

-      Availability

-      Reasonable resistance to pests and diseases

-      Good constitution

-      Essential stability in form and colour

-      Reasonably easy to grow

Upon request, we will send to you a full list of these plants.

 For trading issues, Piccoplant offers semi-finished and finished ornamental shrubs in different proportions – from QP30 to 60-litre-containers.

Private customers can fulfil their flowered dreams with us as well. The address leads to a specialized online shop, that features a rich variety of fragrant and colourful hybrids of historical and rare origin.

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In regard for garden design, bamboo works out as an excellent solitaire. Especially attractive on every one of these plants is their beautiful green foliage in winter times, as well as the movement of their slim stalks in the wind.

Bamboo is very resistant to cold climate. Their dense habit makes them stand out as a means of sight protection or hedge building in every garden. Another fine place for them are terraces or balconies, where they, as a tub plant, fit exceptionally into a Mediterranean atmosphere. Grown up, these plants can reach a height of three to four meters.

In general, bamboo and other grasses not only work as an ornamental variety in the gardens, but as renewable resources as well.

Micropropagated bamboo possesses an attractive, bushy habit at its time of sale.

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"Lovely Lilac"

"Lovely Lilac"

As a means of further improving marketing for lilacs in retail markets, Piccoplant designed an interesting concept:

Each plant is delivered with expandable photo labels, which feature a picture of the blooming plant, as well as a description of the plants history and of tips for its well-being. The description is written in four languages (German, English, French and Russian). To stress the exceptional scent of lilacs to the customer, all labels will be, if desired, provided with lilac fragrances.

As an additional optical incentive in selling, we deliver the plants in lilac pot-covers. Additionally, the brand “Lovely Lilac” features posters and cc-banners in the same style.

Company profile

Piccoplant is a modern plant nursery, which is looking back on a 28-year-long experience in biotechnological R&D. Therefore, the company’s centrepiece are its laboratories. At Piccoplant, we take seedlings from elite-plants, which are afterwards bred in vitro on special nutrient solutions. With the best possible living conditions and in sterility, to form new offspring. The outcome of this micropropagation are healthy plants – absolutely free of viruses or bacteria.

At present, we produce several million juvenile plants of high quality in our labs. With over 400 lilac varieties in six different quantities (multipallet, Tb9 in a 24-pieces tray, 3-litre-, 7,5-litre-, 15-litre and 60-litre-container), Piccoplant is by far the largest producer of lilacs worldwide.

In Addition, the company is known for its production of rhododendron (app. 170 varieties) and azalea (app. 50 varieties). In the past years, we expanded our assortment with other “garden-beautifying” plants, like for example bamboo, Viburnum, Philadelphus and Vaccinium. We provide these plants as juvenile plants in multipallets, Tb9/24-pieces-tray, as well as in 2- and 3-litre-containers.

Therefore, Piccoplant Mikrovermehrungen GmbH is offering:

·         Propagation of high performance plants,

·         Exclusive propagation for breeders

·         Installation of genebanks

·         Exemption of viruses, etc.

More information can be obtained on our website

Within our specialisation on lilacs, we are offering a special concept for the retail sector, which runs under the brand of “Lovely Lilac”. In order to transport the unparalleled scent of lilacs to the selling environment, lilacs are delivered to the customer with elaborately designed expandable photo labels, which are applicated with lilac fragrances. These labels are fabricated for every single variety and contain a picture of the blooming plant, as well as specialised information in up to four languages (German, English, French and Russian). The concept will be supported through attractive lilac-coloured pot-cover, as well as several CC-banners.

Through our shopsite, private customers can find their favourite lilacs in a sophisticated assortment, enjoy beautiful lilac-pictures, discover rare varieties and inform themselves with a lot of facts and answers about lilacs. This “package of information and well-being” was enhanced in the past year by development of several sources in the Social Media: The Blogsite reports regularly out of the fields of lilacs an Piccoplant. At Pinterest and Instagram, we are posting photos of lilac buds and decoration. Facebook, in turn, is our general portal to the world wide web and hosts information and contact around “Fliedertraum”.