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New Itoh peony cultivars available!

New Itoh peony cultivars available!

We are particulary please to add new Itoh peony varieties to our list of varieties now available from our breeding program that is mostly focus on new and very double flowers previously only found amoung herbaceous varieties.

Itoh peonies (also called intersectional hybrids) represent for many in the peony market the future of the garden peony industry. 

Itohs have a number of advantages over either herbaceous or tree peonies:

  • Stronger stems that hold the flower upright even after wind and rain
  • Deer repellent
  • Vigorous growth and extreme winter hardiness (equivalent to herbaceous peonies)
  • Flower colors previously only found in tree peonies (yellow, orange, flares)
  • Floriferous when mature (up to 50 flowers on one plant!) with flowers carried above the foliage
  • Healthy and attractive foliage right through fall
  • Symmetric, bushy shaped plant that is cut back in the fall like herbaceous peonies
  • Less attractive to ants than herbecaous peonies

Planteck, through its tissue culture technology, can offer a large variety of Itoh peony cultivars easy to acclimatize and grow by every gardener, nurseryman and grower.

Company profile

Planteck is dedicated to the tissue culture propagation of plants and was the first and is still the only lab in the world offering large quantities of peonies from tissue culture to the horticultural market.

Planteck has developed unique technologies for the micropropagation and large-scale production of diverse plant species. The mission of Planteck is to develop commercially viable methods of micropropagation for new and added-value horticultural plants.  The result of early R&D has been that we are the FIRST lab in the world to commercially micropropagate peonies, previously considered impossible or difficult to micropropagate in economically viable quantities at reasonable cost. 


Our products and services have been sold around the world (Canada, United States, Europe, Australia and Asia).

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