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Products and innovations

DOPA plant-based plant pot

DOPA plant-based plant pot

The horticulture business: Millions of vegetables, herbs, flowers, plants, trees, bulbs and seeds are cultivated and transported every year. Mainly in plastic pots and plastic trays. Thanks to the products available via the Panics’ DOPA brand, Plantics B.V. changed the status quo.

Grow, crack, plant
DOPA is a plant pot made of paper, treated with special resin, and developed by Plantics. This organic resin is made of 100 per cent natural and locally available raw materials. This ensures that the DOPA plant pot is biodegradable and therefore can be composted at home. In line with the unique grow-crack-plant principle, consumers can plant the entire product, plant plus pot, in the earth. The DOPA pot breaks down after a while and becomes one with the earth again. Nice and easy and zero waste. As a result, DOPA contributes to a sustainable environment and the circular economy.

DOPA is a unique Dutch innovation from Plantics.

Company profile

Plantics B.V., founded in 2014, is a spin-off from the University of Amsterdam and builds on a revolutionary invention of this University. This has resulted in a unique group of 100% biobased thermoset resins and the world’s first 100% biobased thermoset materials. Together with its partners, Plantics develops high-quality, circular and CO2 negative products, like DOPA: a unique plant-based plant pot. DOPA is plastic free, biodegradeble and home compostable. 

Plantics is recognized as one of the most promising biomaterial companies. With a team of specialists driven by the ambition to contribute to a better and more sustainable world. Plantics strongly believe in the driving power of a team that combines the values: lets just do it, do it together, trust each other and have fun. Plantics wants to be a gamechanger.