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Paper for Paperpots

Paper for Paperpots

PlantPaper combines branch-specific expertise and innovation to create
the world’s best paper-based propagation system.
PlantPaper’s eco-friendly paperpots provide optimal growing conditions
for your plants. The unique open paper pattern aerates the roots and creates
strong, healthy plants faster. This reduces growing time in the greenhouse
and creates a longer sales window for the young plant. PlantPaper
provides you with healthier plants so that you can deliver best quality to
your customers.
PlantPaper integrates seamlessly and can be adapted to all paperpot
systems currently available on the market.
PlantPaper is 100% biodegradable, decomposable and chemical-free.
PlantPaper welds together without the use of glue.

Company news

PlantPaper announces appointment of new Managing Director and CEO

We are pleased to announce that PlantPaper have appointed a New CEO.
After a comprehensive search, and a careful selection process we are excited to have recruited Tom Hedegaard Andersen as new managing Director and CEO for PlantPaper.

Company profile

Plantpaper offers a complete Paperpot system of paper, trays and machines!