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Fungal Chitosan

Fungal Chitosan

Following a year of successful trials Plater Bio is now manufacturing a natural ingredient that could revolutionise pest and disease control in agriculture and horticulture. The product is called chitosan and is extracted from specially cultured fungi.

This radical development makes Plater Bio the only manufacturer of fungal chitosan outside of China.

Chitosan is suitable for organic usage, allowing organic farmers access to an effective product to control diseases instead of the use of synthetic pesticides.

Unlike the vast majority of chitosan, imported from Asia and made from seafood waste (prawn heads and crab shells), Plater Bio’s chitosan is produced naturally, therefore suitable when vegetarian ingredients are required.

This substance additional benefits include protecting crops from fungi and bacterial diseases, clarifying real ale and cleaning polluted water.

Prior to this product becoming available, organic farmers had few tools to protect against disease, relying on resilient varieties and cultural practises. Since 2014, EU ‘basic substance’ regulations have allowed for the use of chitosan, to activate the plants own defences against disease. Until now, the cost and supply of chitosan has made it not a viable option. Now, not only is it an option for organic farmers, but also conventional farmers, who are seeing the number of active pesticides dwindling as conventional synthetic products are being withdrawn.

Company profile

Plater Bio manufactures novel active ingredients for the agriculture and horticulture industries. All our products are manufactured exclusively on-site in Glossop, North Derbyshire. This includes a range of biostimulants, fertilizers, and plant protection active substances.

We manufacture natural extracts using a unique manufacturing system without the use of synthetic chemicals, heat or pressure. Our range of natural extracts include cold-press seaweed extracts and fungal chitosan.

Plater Bio are pioneering organic acid chelation for next generation micronutrient products. We chelate zinc, manganese and iron, with organic acids to improve their availability to crops and reduce the environmental impact of synthetic chelates.

Plater Bio have developed a revolutionary ‘one part’ fertilizer, which supplies all plant nutrients in one product. This means there is no longer a need to use ‘A’ and ‘B’ products in hydroponics and fertilizers in all sectors can be supplied with all essential nutrients for the first time. Please speak to us about testing this product in your growing systems.

We export globally and are currently seeking global distribution partners in key countries for agricultural and horticulture.