Tamerton Road, Roborough
GB PL6 7BQ Plymouth, Devon
Ms. Sabine Poppelmann

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Plessey is a leading expert in the manufacturing of semiconductor products used in sensing, measurement and controls applications, and is now at the forefront of the Solid State Lighting revolution.

Plessey combines its expertise in the semiconductor industry with their design skills to create innovations such as:

  • Creating horticultural lighting to ensure greenhouses are more productive for growers, and enabling new forms of indoor, intensive and urban farming
  • Developing low-cost single-chip LEDs for demanding outdoor and commercial lighting applications.
  • Simplifying LED lighting module design and manufacture with compact beam forming technologies.
  • Providing sensing technology through EPIC™ – Electric Potential Integrated Circuit, used in a number of health and well-being applications.
  • Delivering human-centric spectral lighting innovations for 24/7 workers.

Plessey provides a pioneering and unique engineering approach to LED plant growth lights which are targeted towards commercial, research and university growers. Plessey has specifically designed the Hyperion LED grow light to deliver greater returns for commercial growers. The Hyperion grow light can work alongside or can replace high pressure sodium grow lights.

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