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Presto Humus Compact Bale 18 l

Presto Humus Compact Bale 18 l

New product for IPM 2020!

The peat-free Compact Bales 18 l from Presto Humus as Grow-Bag

Fruity freshness at home and out off the bag – it’s all possible! The new Presto Humus Compact Bales gave a sufficient, considerate and natural growing to berries and fruits. And that in an entirely practical way – simply cut the bag open, place and water the plant – and the start is made for a luscious crop. 


At a glance

  • Available in 4 versions for different applications
  • Ready-to-hand for easy transport
  • peat free - contains natural, local resources

The Range

PRESTOHUMUS® Berry dream
PRESTOHUMUS® Paradisiac Tomatoes
PRESTOHUMUS® Kitchen-Garden

Capacity: 18 l

Product name:  PRESTOHUMUS® compact bales

Product range

Premium PLUS Lawn Substrate

Premium PLUS Lawn Substrate

The Premium Plus Lawn Substrate peat free from Presto Humus

Usable for a slightly cohesive, resistant base layer of moderately used turf, according to DIN 18917 and the FFL’s guidelines (FLL= Forschungsgesellschaft Landschaftsentwicklung Landschaftsbau = German Association for Landscape Development & Landscaping).
Due to the extra high content of mineral ingredients also suitable for lawns in shady locations.

more to know

At a glance

  • peat-free guarantee
  • for roof greening for playground & paths and for filling of grass pavers
  • for an optimal channeling of drainage water and for an improved air capacity
  • for moss reduction in shady lawn areas

Capacity: 20 l

Product Name: Presto Humus Premium PLUS Rasensubstrat torffrei

Company profile

Let’s protect our environment!

Doing without peat as raw material and using peat-free products for gardening avoids CO2, it is an engaged and active plus for climate and nature. Presto Humus primarily uses raw materials such as wood fiber, green waste compost and bark humus from local resources. We would like to inspire gardeners using peat free soils. With innovations - such as the 17l small container of organic soil, peat-free special substrates. Our passion is a peat-free range and the task to act sustainably and future-proof. High-quality, peat-free plant substrates, barks and decorations for hobby and commercial gardening from our own production. Every day, more than 85 employees in the Presto Group focus on flexibility, quality and sustainability in a family atmosphere. Quality - from Germany since over 40 years.

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  • Over 30 different peat-free soils and substrates in our product range
  • We rely on our own raw material supply with renewable, natural raw materials such as raw bark, green waste compost and wood fibre
  • We offer a quality-checked production network with regional producers for distribution in 19 European countries
  • Production volume in 2019 more than 14.8 million bags