Csepeli út 45-57.
HU 2310 Szigetszentmiklós
Mr. Sandor Bohus

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Company profile

Profi Partner 2003 Kft. has been founded by four Hungarian nurseries in 2003, opening its gates in September 2004, located in the close vicinity of Budapest, near Szigetszentmiklós. Our main activity is the wholesale selling of ornamental plants for the domestic and foreign market.

Our company operates exclusively as a wholesale. All professional contractors and enterprises are welcome (who posess any horticultural ranges of activities) – we mainly serve ornamental plant nurseries, gardencenters, landscapers and flowershops, as well as companies dealing with real estate construction or investment.

Our main objective is to offer the widest sortiment possible of ornamental plants and nursery products, constantly providing an outstanding quality and competitive prices.

We are in contact with nearly 40 Hungarian nurseries, by this way helping Hungarian nursery products access to the market. As we are committed to offer the most complete sortiment to our customers, we also import regularly some additional nursery material from more European nurseries.

It is very important to us that our customers should get all the accessories necessary for their work at one place – so along with plants we also offer a wide sortiment of planting soils, manure and fertilizers, peats, pine barks, clay and plastic pots, ornamental stones, wooden products etc.