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Software / Greenhouse Control / energy management / application software

RAM Greenhouse Control

The manifold techniques of the various horticultural production categories require highly flexible control software that is easy to operate at the same time. RAM products fulfil these requirements and more – soilless culture, production of potted plants or greenhouse production in naturally grown soil. We adjust the control software to your special requirements. Due to the intuitive user interface the software can be adjusted easily – also by your horticultural consultant.

RAM energy management

Generating heat energy and managing heat storages are critical factors for success in horticultural production. RAM technology provides for an optimal and efficient control. The RAM Energy Management makes an essential contribution for energy saving and thereby provides for the efficient use of energy and for sustainability. The usage-bound switch-over for gas or electricity helps you to save on high costs.

RAM application software

Our web application VisuRAM allows you to operate your visualised greenhouse climate control worldwide via your browser but also by using mobile devices. With our new touch screen you can also operate your climate computer worldwide even without an external personal computer. Using our data collection and storage software VisuData all parameters of your greenhouses like weather data, operating times and all other data necessary for crop management can be stored, visualised and also transferred to Excel for economic calculations. For saving and loading specific settings we developed the software Adjust for changing the crop management settings within seconds. In addition, the software 2D Profile allows you to comprehensively monitor and visualise the climate of your greenhouse.

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