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Mobile plant research and plant production container

RHENAC GreenTec AG will be presenting a new phyto-container, a mobile plant chamber that can be used anywhere in the world and put into operation within one day.

The plant production and plant research container is equipped with the LED lighting system developed by RHENAC. This allows the reproduction of the sunlight and the individual composition of different light spectra. A continuous fresh air supply with allergy and pollen filter and the possibility for humidification and dehumidification allow the simulation of various climatic conditions. The research chamber housed and insulated in a standard container only requires a connected load of 20 kilowatts.


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RHENAC GreenTec AG develops and produces innovative LED lighting systems for a wide range of applications. The application possibilities range from use in plant research and production through exposure systems for sports turf to flexible lighting control in architecture. The service includes the consultation and planning of a project, the development and manufacture of lighting systems and installation on site.