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Huwa-San: The eco-friendly disinfectant solution

Huwa-San: The eco-friendly disinfectant solution

Huwa-San is a safe, odourless, alcohol-free, chlorine-free and an eco-friendly disinfectant solution which can be used in a broad spectrum of applications such as agriculture, veterinary industry, food industry, public and private swimming pools and even for (drinking) water disinfecting.

Huwa-San is a non-residual disinfectant used to treat surfaces, tools, walls, water, instruments and even rooms through vaporization. Huwa-San is a one-stop biocidal disinfectant product and is effective against bacteria, fungi, yeasts, spores and even mycobacteria and is available in many different concentrations and packaging formats.

Thanks to its other unique characteristics it is fully biodegradable, non-residual, colourless, effective up till 90 degrees, storage life up to two years in sealed packages - Huwa-San products bring unique advantages in lots of application areas.

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Roam Technology designs efficient and sustainable disinfection solutions for a diverse range of applications. Consider for example the disinfection of surfaces and water in the horticultural and veterinary field, the cosmetics, food and drink industries, swimming pools, and for domestic use. Hygiene is key in almost every environment. And that’s exactly where we would like to make a difference with our innovative knowledge, superior quality products and customised service. Roam Technology always goes the extra mile for a pure future. Both for your own company as well as for the world around you.

Roam Technology has already been doing successful business for over 30 years. We are constantly enriching our knowledge and experience. In order to keep innovating we have entered into strategic partnerships with specialist companies, complementing our own services. We collaborate intensively with knowledge institutes, universities and authorities to keep closely involved with all developments, including those affecting laws and legislation. We consider it our duty to keep on developing chlorine-free alternatives and new “full hygiene solutions” for our customers.

Roam Technology was founded in 1984 as a specialist in water treatment projects. In the meantime, this Belgian organisation has grown to become a global player with sites and locations both in Europe and beyond. Since 2015 Roam Technology Belgium has had access to an entirely new production site, satisfying the highest of quality standards.