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Long-lasting solutions to prevent damages from roots and weeds for professional landscaping

RootBarrier B.V. is specialized in the development, production and distribution of sustainable solutions against damages from roots and weeds for professional landscaping. RootBarrier B.V. also provides products for ground stabilisation, mole protection, fauna protection and pond finishing products. Thanks to the wide product range, excellent price to quality ratio including 25 year warranties, flexibility and professional support RootBarrier B.V. has been able to distinguish themselves for almost 15 years. RootBarrier B.V. is the sole manufacturer of the high-quality RootBarrier® root protection screens based on DuPont™ Xavan which have been produced since 1995. Additionally RootBarrier B.V. is the exclusive distributor of the high-quality DuPont™ Plantex® weed control barriers.

RootBarrier B.V. was established as an autonomous B.V. (Dutch private limited company) separate from its parent company, King Nonwovens B.V., as of 2004 and has been part of King Holding B.V. since 2012. With Bart van der Hart and Jan van Leeuwen as managing directors, the company houses a great deal of knowledge and experience.

Company profile

Long-lasting solutions to prevent damages from roots and weeds for professional landscaping.
KING RootBarrier was created as an independent company in 2004, from mother company KING Group Nonwoven Products. The KING Group have many years of experience in various markets where nonwovens are applied. To offer our customers the best service, we subdivided our organisation into KING Nonwovens, KING RootBarrier, KING Sports en KING Converting, each with their own specializations.

KING RootBarrier is thé specialist in the development, production and distribution of durable and sustainable solutions against weeds and root pressure. A specialist that advises, supports and supplies you with the right product for the right application. Also, a partner for soil stabilisation, irrigation, and protection from moles and toads.

The consequences of climate change are becoming increasingly visible in rural and in urban areas. That is why the balance between grey and green is ever more important. A good balance contributes to the health and the safety of our societies. KING RootBarrier works to help preserve a viable green and sustainably safe environment. To realise this, under- and overground infrastructure needs to be well protected. KING RootBarrier supplies a total package of root guidance products to protect underground cables and pipes and prevent root damage to cycle tracks, footpaths and road surfaces.

Additionally, planting and plant maintenance have a positive effect on the quality of the living environment and stimulate biodiversity: green outside spaces where people are glad to spend time, sustainable, durable and maintenance-friendly. This requires products that contribute to a balanced ecosystem. KING RootBarrier’s weed fabrics enable effective and durable weed control without the use of chemicals and without damage to the environment.

KING RootBarrier is a trade name of RootBarrier B.V.