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AGROCALCIUM (limestone filler)  is a product obtained by fine grinding of limestone with minimum 90 %  calcium carbonate content.


1.Treating soil acidity, increases PH.

- To increase the pH of the soil by one point, you need to spread about 2 tons of calcium carbonate per hectare.

– Allows increased production by increasing the use of fertilizers.

2. Improves soil structure by providing:
– Better resistance in extreme conditions (drought, acid rain);
– Groundless soil.
– Increased water and air permeability.

3. Improving microbial life in soil.
– Biological activity is fundamental to the structure and soil fertility.

4. 100% Bio
– It is a product that can be used for organic crops (Bio).

Terms of validity: UNLIMITED

Product range



Doloflor is a 100% natural fertilizer which contains two vital sources for crops, namely Calcium and Magnesium (CaMg(CO3)2.


-           corrects soil acidity by raising the pH from acidic soil areas

-           100% natural product, being an additional source of Calcium and Magnesium

-          Calcium influences the healthy growth of plants and increases their resistance

-          Magnesium helps in photosyntethis

-           increases crop yield by 30%

-          UNLIMITATED validity



◦       * field crops: 1,5 to / ha

◦       * vegetables, vine: 3 to/ ha

◦       * fruit trees: 2-3 kg / tree

◦       * clay soils: 3-3,5 to / ha

◦      * sandy soils: 2-2,5 to / ha

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The passion for nature has always motivated us to get away and helped us to find the best solutions. We will continue to offer our customers the best products and we will always make efforts to keep us at the highest level.
We offer 100% natural fertilizers, ideal for both garden plants and agricultural crops. Earth's fruits are the components that give us health and strength, so it is important that the products used to treat them are natural. We support healthy and environmentally friendly crops!