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Intelligent water planter

Intelligent water planter

From seeds to vegetables only 25 days by water planting.

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01/30/2020 09:00 - 18:00
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On the last two days of the fair our samples will be on sale!

Product range

Intelligent Lazy Flowerpot, Mini Vertical Plant Wall, Intelligent water & soil Planter.

Intelligent Lazy Flowerpot, Mini Vertical Plant Wall, Intelligent water & soil Planter.

Intelligent Lazy Flowerpot: full spectrum plant growth lamp is attached, can be used to plant various flowering plants and raising seedlings, water tank is at the base, the matrix absorbs water through the cotton rope, water shortage alarm is attached. 

Mini Vertical Plant Wall (With Full Spectrum Plant Growth Lamp): the base is the water storage tank and has high and low water level alarm, 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, 15 days and manual water replenishment can be set. Full spectrum plant growth lamp is attached and the duration of lighting can be set.  

Lazy Flowerpots: that is water storing flowerpot. It adopts upper and lower layers structure, the upper layer is used to grow plants and the lower layer is used to store water. The plants can absorb water through cotton ropes, thus plants are not easy to encounter water shortage and easy to take care of. It is a patent product of Kenong.

Company profile

   Shenzhen Kenong Plastic Co., Ltd., founded in 2005, is specialized in the R&D and production of various intelligent gardening supplies. With independent R&D, die sinking and production, we can save every penny for our clients.   

   Equipped with professional injection molding machines, we can provide customized products according to your needs. We dedicate to the development of intelligent garden flowerpots and we believe that intelligent garden products enable people to enjoy more convenient life. If you have any good and creative idea, please contact us, we will embrace a win-win cooperation.

Company Address: Building 2, No.1 Longtian 4th Road, Kengzi Street, Pingshan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, 518122, China

Company Website: https://kenongflowerpot.en.alibaba.com

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