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Mr. Sigi Oh
Product range

Air agitator

Air agitator

Air Mixer is an eco-friendly product that can save energy by reducing the upper and lower temperature difference increases the efficiency of the greenhouse air circulation to promote growth and growing summer crops.

• Model: SGA-120
– Size: ⏀440 × ⏀390 × ⏀460 × 320mm
– Material: SUS
– Weight: 7.0 kg
• Model: SGA-120P
– Size: ⏀440 × ⏀390 × ⏀460 × 300mm
– Material: ABS
– Weight: 5.2 kg
• Application: Horticulture, house, animals, mushrooms, industrial, Redhyang, Hallabong House
• Specifications Motor: 220V, 60Hz, 100W, 4P, 1,000 ~ 1,500rpm
• Fan: 4FAN
• Airflow: 42 m3 / min
• Using area: 50 square

Product range

Air Circulation Fan

Air Circulation Fan

Air Circulation Fan flow improves quality and increases yields by enhancing the photosynthetic capacity of the plant to reduce the temperature deviation in summer ventilation.

• Model: SGA-04CP
• Dimensions: ⏀440 × ⏀390 × 240mm
• Use: horticulture, house, barn, mushroom use, industrial
• Material: ABS
• Weight: 5.0kg
• Motor Specifications : 220V, 60Hz, 130W, 4P, 1,000 ~ 1,500rpm
• Fan: 4FAN
• Airflow: 67m3 / min
• Using area: 50 square

Company profile

"Made in Korea", Long-lasting engine has been proven by placing on the market in Germany.

As a South Korean fan manufacturer with the friendly support of the German company "Intermundien-Lemon Europe GmbH", we offer fans for greenhouses to both wholesalers and end consumers such as greenhouse owners.

Since 2017, we have sold approx. 700 Ventialtoren to large and small retailers and end consumers in Germany.