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Anniversary! In the club for 20 years!

In 1997, Stauden Ring was for the first time represented as a group of companies at IPM. With a glass of champagne and in personal meetings Stauden Ring members are reviewing the last 20 years with the fair visitors and are at the same time presenting their new shrub campaign for 2017:


“The best from Grandma’s garden”

Robust, beautiful and wonderfully nostalgic


The sharp increase in the number of country magazines, the DIY trend, the return to family values – all this goes hand in hand with the same basic emotion – a yearning for “the good old days”. The spirit of the time is reflected in gardening: nostalgic plants and farm garden plants ranging from bleeding heart to sweet william are once again highly popular. Stauden Ring knows how to smartly take advantage of both developments. Under its new slogan “The best from Grandma’s garden” Stauden Ring offers a product range to retailers that focuses on nostalgic flair and hands-on practical advantages at the same time.

The selected shrub types and species have been selected with a view to the benefit to the customer’s garden and win brownie points not only for their appealing appearance but also for their sturdy plant health. Thanks to classical species even novice gardeners are able to turn bare beds into lush, blooming herbaceous borders. Moreover, “The best from Grandma’s garden” includes true bee magnets which will entice all hobby gardeners. The appealingly designed plant labels are provided with clip-on tags featuring catchwords such as “herald of spring”, “autumn fireworks” or “Grandma’s Classics”, pointing to other characteristics and design options.


As is expected from good old Grandma, the friendly old lady smiles at the customer from each label and also holds a helpful tip in store for each plant, for example on how to foster second bloom or how to design a bed or garden. The white-haired popular figure also says hello from table banners – and in the form of water- and UV-resistant table displays printed on both sides she is a real eye-catcher even from a distance, drawing attention to the high-quality shrub range. And on the subject of high quality, this also of course applies to the plants themselves. The generous one-litre pot follows the current trend towards the purchase of already well-developed plants with retailers profiting from the ever increasing popularity of regional products thanks in any case to the eight partner companies of Stauden Ring. Furthermore, peat-reduced substrates and the use of tonics and beneficial insects take into account the customer’s desire for sustainable cultivation methods.

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