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About us

The erection of the manufacturing plants in Luckau in 1994 and in Papenburg in 1996 were a result of the strongly increasing demand for Stender products. Together with the parent plant in Schermbeck, and the production location built in 2006 in Tukums/Latvia, they strengthen Stender's logistic competence because they have optimal transport connections to water and land. Besides its own harbour access the Papenburg factory has, since 2002, Europe's largest peat sieving plant.

Since buying the Euflor GmbH in 2009-2010 the Stender Group has its own peatlands in Germany at the Euflor Humuswerk GmbH in Aschhorn, Westerbeck and Lichtenmoor.

Stender® today

Meanwhile the company has about 130 employees and counts as one of the leading manufacturers of growing media and potting soil. Germany is the main market for Stender® products. In the meantime the Stender GmbH. exports to more than 60 countries worldwide. In 2009 the Stender GmbH celebrated its 25th company anniversary.

25 years Stender® - 25 years of research and development for horticulture

By working very closely with our customers in tests, we can continuously work on making our well proven growing media even better. The constant co-operation with research institutes and chambers of agriculture leads to innovative opportunities for improvements which are used for the benefit of our customers.