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Quality from Stepping Stones
Mount Egmont ‐ Taranaki

We hear consistently that our New Zealand field grown stock out‐performs stock from other
growers. We believe this due to the following factors:

  • All of our stock is grown in field open ground conditions
  • We do not use artificial media, light or heat. We do not irrigate, moisture is provided by generous year round rainfall
  • We are located in an area with outstanding, free draining, highly fertile volcanic loam soil This combination of high soil quality and rainfall means that nutrition is readily available
  • We experience seasonal periods of moderate to strong winds which enhance wood density and stem calliper
  • Our average daytime temperatures range between 22°C in summer and 7°C in winter giving us distinct seasonal variation with the main spring flush in September and typically a second smaller growth flush in December‐January
  • Our trees are grown in full sunlight under New Zealand’s naturally high UV light levels due to our clear sky and maritime environment.
  • We experience high annual daily sunlight hours ranging between an average of 7.9 hours in summer and 3.9 hours in winter
  • Our maples are grown on our own selected understock produced here on the nursery
  • We work hard to make sure our trees are conditioned for a strong spring growth flush and are fully winter dormant before we despatch them
  • Once packaged ready for export our trees are held in chilled, temperature controlled conditions throughout their journey
  • Our proven logistics network ensures that our stock is freighted quickly and efficiently

Company profile

A New Zealand grower specialising in Acers, supplied as Maiden, Tree, Shrub or Standard. A very extensive range available plus Cornus, Hamamelis and Magnolias. All stock flown directly from New Zealand and delivered to your nursery by our shipping agent.

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