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Product range

Greenhouse Solutions; Grafting Clipses; Pots& Garden

Our Greenhouse Accessories (body clipses, cluster supports and hooks…) which help you to create the best growing conditions, by making the technological and innovative solutions possible ensures you to grow your products always better at highest efficiency by avoiding from the difficulties and extra manufacturing costs.

Grafting Clipses; are products that are used during the grafting process between the seedlings which are compatible with eachother in order to increase their resistance to plant diseases, stress conditions and rough weather conditions and to have increased and more quality yield.

The choice of the growers looking for a flexible, durable and longlasting solution to improve the growing conditions for the flowers which are the most elegant gifts of the nature and for the saplings known as the building blocks of the forests to the highest level.

Company profile

Tekpar Plastic is a Turkish company dealing with the production of plastic parts and accessories used in agriculture sector especially seedling, sapling and ornamental plant growers and nurseries breeding vegetable and flower in their greenhouses. Today Tekpar manufactures his own branded products and exports them over 15 countries in the World.