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Guernsey Clematis - young plants

Guernsey Clematis - young plants

Guernsey Clematis Nursery produces the majority of its young plants in seven centimetre pots, as a twice pruned liner for sale to the UK and Europe. This same product can be washed free of soil and despatched further afield to North America, South America as well as China and other countries.

The company also has a smaller range grown in 3.1 centimeter Ellegaard plug pots and grown to order.

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Guernsey Clematis - young clematis plants

Guernsey Clematis Nursery provides descriptions and images on its web-site:

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Company profile

Guernsey Clematis Nursery is based on the island of Guernsey in the English Channel.  It has a dedicated breeding programme for clematis and produces approximately 2.5 million clematis annually.  The company exports quality young clematis plants globally; to the UK, Europe and to countries further afield such as North America and China.

We have been exporting plants for many years and provide an effiiient service.