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Products and new innovations

Greenhouse Climatization Unit

Greenhouse Climatization Unit

The dehumidification rotor air conditioners used in the greenhouses are the first in the industry with heating-cooling-ventilation and dehumidification performances. Moisture and herbal diseases (bacteria and fung), which are a serious problem among seedling growers, are kept by zeolite or PDF (Polymer dehumidifying agent humidifying agent) which is used up to 99 per cent. Thus, it can provide serious humidity control in the greenhouses thanks to its heating, seasonal transition and cooling features in summer.

Timfog Greenhouse Climatization Unit, which can reach 400 lt/hour capacity in a single device when required, can be used comfortably in very large seedling or greenhouse areas thanks to the advantages of communicating with multiple units and being centrally monitored and controlled.

Company profile

 TIMFOG is an engineering and manufacturing company specialized in the field of air conditioning and high pressure humidification systems. Since its establishment in 2001, it has been providing engineering services for air conditioning in greenhouses and other industrial areas for 15 years. It has completed more than 6,000 decare of greenhouse climate projects in different geographies of the world with engineers and technical specialists.

Our companies have implemented projects in agricultural areas in 27 different countries (Tunisia, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Romania, Iran, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, India, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Georgia, Kenya, South Africa, Israel, Belarus, Portugal, Spain, Armenia, Mali, Turkmenistan, Jordan ..) of the world.