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Top Cleaner Poly

Top Cleaner Poly

Top Cleaner Poly; to clean and coat poly greenhouses

With an acceptable investment and quick yield! This is how you put a halt to a filthy poly greenhouse roof and how you can achieve a significantly higher light percentage in the greenhouse. More light means a higher production and leads to a higher yield. The Top Cleaner Poly greenhouse roof cleaner delivers in the winter season in particular, also in areas with a lot of sun.

The Top Cleaner Poly is a well-balanced and light greenhouse roof cleaner that enables you to apply an even layer of chalk or coating onto the greenhouse.


  • No expensive gable rail and platform needed; You can use a crane to move the machine from one peak to the other within a few minutes
  • This cleaning machine can be used on single and double plastic roofs
  • The cart fits on all greenhouses; in case of different widths you only need an additional set of brush arms
  • The brushes do not damage the plastic layer
Product range

Top Cleaner

Top Cleaner

Top Cleaner greenhouse roof cleaner; goodbye filth

One roof cleaner is better than the other, that is what this greenhouse deck cleaner by Van der Waay proves.

The Top Cleaner greenhouse roof cleaner is a high-quality roof cleaner for Venlo greenhouses that every grower can afford. Filth on glass and in gutters is removed without any effort. And what's more; it is sparing with water and the environment.

The roof cleaner is entirely tuned to your wishes, and you can also use it as a machine to apply an even coating or chalk layer on the greenhouse roof when you equip it with an extra option. Van der Waay can also deliver the accompanying rails and movement platforms.

Van der Waay has a greenhouse roof cleaner for every type of Venlo greenhouse. Also tuned to your financial wishes; available from manual to fully computer-controlled.

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Welcome to Van der Waay Machinebouw

The manufacturer for various models of greenhouse deck cleaners, white wash machines, roof washers to clean the inner side of the greenhouse, servicerail, service platforms and glass repair machines for the glasshouse sector.

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