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Exclusive product range in Acer and shrubs

Exclusive product range in Acer and shrubs

In total, Van Son & Koot grows approximately 100 plant species. With a focus on Acer palmatum. The company grows no less than forty different varieties in a wide range of pot sizes and growth shapes. It is with good reason that Van Son & Koot is Europe’s market leader in Acer Palmatum.

In addition to Acer, Van Son & Koot also grows a wide range of garden plants. A matching and innovative product range for every season! Thanks to the team of professional employees, the company is able to introduce innovations every year.

Van Son & Koot wants to offer its customers new and exclusive products they can use to surprise and inspire the consumer with. That is the reason why the company travels the whole world, on the lookout for new plants to take back to Kaatsheuvel (the Netherlands). Before a new plant is added to the product range, it is examined thoroughly for product characteristics and practical values. The innovative approach of the company has been awarded with several prizes, such as The Glass Tulip, Best novelty at the IPM Essen, the Plantarium Award and Plant of the year at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Company profile

A leading and innovative grower of garden plants. That is what Van Son & Koot is all about. Retail chains, wholesalers, exporters, garden centres and van salers throughout Europe opt for the progressive approach of this dynamic company.

Van Son & Koot offers a wide range of exclusive garden plants. And the Acer palmatum (Japanese maple) plays a major role. There also is a wide and innovative variety of garden plants. New species are produced every year.

From product improvement to sales; Van Son & Koot are the ones in control. Also with respect to marketing - with clever shop concepts and promotional material - it is made easier for the customer. Only this way can Van Son & Koot guarantee the highest possible quality.

Van Son & Koot is a young, dynamic company that has grown rapidly into one of Europe’s main breeders of garden plants. In modern greenhouses Van Son & Koot grows approximately 5 million plants a year.

The main pillar of the company is the team of forty professional employees who, all year long, day in day out, come rain or shine, enthusiastically develop the product.

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