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New intermediate F1 Cyclamen Merita

New intermediate F1 Cyclamen Merita

New intermediate F1 Cyclamen with many flowers
Merita is the new intermediate F1 Cyclamen. The serie has a compact shape with firm flower stems and a fine marbled leaf type. Because of its uniform and compact growth Merita is easy to cultivate and to sell.

Bright colour assortment
For now Merita is only available in the colours Shine Red and Shine Deep Rose. Over the next few years more colours will be added to the assortment.

Easy to grow
During the cultivation period not many yellow leaves will arise and Merita has an excellent homogeneous growth. Because of that Merita is very easy to cultivate, also through an automatic growing process. These unique growth characteristics also make sure that you will not loose much time to prepare for sales.

The seeds have a high germination and are free from diseases. Because of that Merita has an easy and reliable cultivation.

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Expert in plant breeding and seed production

Varinova B.V. concentrates on plant breeding and seed production. With over 35 years of experience and research in growing techniques Varinova B.V. succeeded in developing plant varieties which are characterised by compactness, uniform growth and Botrytis tolerance. This is why Varinova’s products are easy to cultivate AND to sell.