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Vertical Gardens - Roof Gardens

Vertical Gardens - Roof Gardens

Vertigan presents a range of innovative developments in vertical gardens - "Indoor" at home, in the working place, in the office. Can be combined with hydroponic system and "Outdoor" to cover concrete walls, house facades, fences, concrete pillars, bridges and public buildings.
All products are equipped with automatic irrigation systems.

For roof gardens Vertigan has developed a smart system to cover the roof in a green garden where you can grow flowers, grass, green vegetation, organic vegetables and even ornamental trees or fruits. 
The system allows to make any flat roof of the parking lots or any unused flat roof into a beautiful garden. All with a do-it-yourself system and like the vertical gardens, equipped with automatic irrigation systems.
All systems have no direct contact with the building walls or floors, so no moss is formed, which harms the building.
Vertical landscaping and roofs gardens add an additional layer of thermal insulation to existing insulation systems.
The innovations focus on very easy assembly, easy maintenance, water saving, fertilizer savings, and ultimately very important, low prices. All products can be set without professional help.
Thanks to the modular system, you can start with a small base unit and expand it to a very big magnificent garden. All extension units matched together as Lego game bricks.

Another development is "mobile vertical gardens". They serve as mobile green partitions in banquet halls, hotel lobbies, wedding festive events background, fairs and exhebition pavillons.
All facilities are decorated with live plants and equipped with automatic irrigation. Replacing the plants to change the design takes only a few minutes. The systems are equipped with quiet and hidden wheels so they can be moved easily.