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Walnut &Fruittree

Walnut &Fruittree


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Ziziphus Jujube

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Our agricultural business is specialised in the grafting and cultivation of varieties of walnut. We can graft up to 300,000 plants per year. We currently cultivate 25 walnut varieties over more than 100 ha) growing area, for the production of nuts and to obtain scions and rootstock. Our range includes root material and container plants that meet the highest quality standards.

Included among our varieties are the most frequently demanded walnut types (Juglans regia)

Sütyemez1 ( Big Nuts ) Germanizia (Big Nuts) Red Nuts German and Europe varieties

Franquette, Fernor, Fernette as well as Chandler and Howard varieties.  We offer various fruit trees advice on the establishment and care of walnut plants, fruit tree planting;

·        contract grafting, fruit grafting

·        seminars and courses in tree pruning and grafting.

Our tree nursery is constantly monitored by the phytosanitary service. Our advisors include specialist academics, agricultural officials and phytosanitary services. From time to time, we also obtain scions from the phytosanitary office of the Ministry of Agriculture guaranteed and certified according to their respective varieties of agricultural plant.

We deliver worldwide and our customers include tree nurseries, resellers, distributors and plantations.

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