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Wilma’s Lawn & Garden lets your plants shine!

Liquid plant nutrition, stimulators and substrates have become an essential part in the world of gardening and cultivating. Whether you’re a home gardener or an experienced grower with big-scale crops: you need the right products for a successful harvest. To provide in the need for versatile plant nutrition, Wilma’s Lawn & Garden develops the best products for your plants and crops. We are always researching, testing and improving. This enables us to offer a huge collection of quality products for every type of cultivation.

Recently, the established Atami brand has been added to our collection. Along with the variety of product lines: B’Cuzz, ATA, ATA NRG and Wilma Systems. All of these product lines have their own quality products. With such a wide range of universal products, it’s now possible to adapt your plant nutrition to the individual needs of every plant and crop. This versatility makes Wilma’s Lawn & Garden the economical choice to get high quality nutrients for an honest price.

Balanced starting material
The first thing every grower or gardener needs is a good base, free of harmful bacteria and pests. To provide in this basic needs we offer a large number of high quality substrates suitable for all methods of cultivation.

Next to this perfect base, you will need a good starter nutrition. This is very important as it gives your crops the best start of its growth cycle. All of our nutrients have their own unique nutrition cocktail with complementary secondary nutritional elements. These elements are essential for an optimal growth in the formation of healthy cell walls and the absorption of light.

Boost your crops
Next to plant nutrition, Wilma’s Lawn & Garden offers several Boosters and Stimulators. The Boosters improve the condition of the substrate, influencing micro-organisms and bacteria. They also contain important micronutrients that plants are unable to produce themselves.

Our Stimulators have different functions, depending on what it is you want to improve: roots, flowers or fruits. When applying a Root stimulator, the roots will grow explosively and develop a big root system that improves the uptake of (nutrient)water. Bloom stimulators will make sure the blooming phase is longer and more intense, making the flowers and fruits bigger, heavier and tastier.

Bulk packaging for horticulture
All our products can be ordered individually, for small scale or in bulk. Our standard amounts are available up to 10 litres. However, we are able to produce even 1000 litre units. Our substrates come in standard bags of 20 or 50 litres, these can be ordered as ‘Big Bags’ as well.

We are proud to present our two new product lines: B’CuzZ VEGA & B’CuzZ GENA. Especially developed for regular horticulture. B’CuzZ VEGA & B’CuzZ GENA are products made of suspension fertilizers, to support plants in their vegetative and generative phases with the right nutrients. Because the products are in suspension form, you decide how concentrated the fertilization is. Once diluted, the fertilizers will stick to the leaves much better. This ensures a better absorption of all nutrients.

B’CuzZ Vega 2-19-6 is the first product in the B’CuzZ Vega product line, especially developed to stimulate root growth and suitable for crops that need a high dose of phosphate during their growth phase. B’CuzZ Gena 13-15 is the first product in the B’CuzZ Gena product line, especially developed for the blooming and to improve the taste of fruits. This new product is a concentrated suspension-fertilizer with a high concentration of phosphorus, potassium and iron.

Various N-P-K ratio’s
B’CuzZ VEGA 2-19-6 & B’CuzZ GENA 13-15 are the first products from their product lines. Every crop has its own specific needs, which means the ideal N-P-K ratio is different for any crop or plant. That’s why the B’CuzZ VEGA & GENA collections will be supplemented with other products that have different N-P-K ratio’s, because no plant or crop is the same and their needs can always vary!