Hall 13, 14 and Foyer Grugahalle: Italy

		IPM ESSEN 2017_Italien

The temporary Halls 13 and 14 as well as the Grugahalle will be occupied by the Italian plant exhibitors who could previously be found in Hall 6.

From the east, the visitors will walk on to the fair site directly through the foyer on Hall 14. All the visitors coming on to the fair site from the east will be guided through Halls 13 and 14 when entering and leaving IPM ESSEN. From there, the direct link to the other fair halls will also be guaranteed by clear path guidance.

The Floristry exhibitors from Hall 7 will move into the former Italy hall (Hall 6) - directly linked to Hall 4.

This will lead to a large, interconnected Floristry area.

PM ESSEN will thus fulfil the exhibitors’ increasingly expressed wish to detach the Floristry area from the Technology area once again in the future.

Hall 4 and 6: Floristry

		Blumen in Blechdosen

Galeria: France

		Französischer Gemeinschaftsstand

The French Horticulture booth will move this year from Hall 2 to Galeria.

Additionally, the French Nursery booth will still to be visited Hall 10.

The eastern part of Hall 7 will be assigned to the Plants area.

Former exhibitors in Hall 9, including the Spanish, Polish and the Portuguese joint booths, will be located here in 2017.

The western half will be occupied by Technology exhibitors as an extension to the Galeria and Hall 3.

Hall 4 and 6: Floristry

		IPM ESSEN 2017_Spanien_Polen