Partner Country France


A partner country traditionally accompanies the world's leading horticultural trade fair. The happenings at the 2020 edition of the trade fair will focus on France. Under the motto "Quality & Innovation. The French Touch!", the trade visitors will be offered the opportunity to discover innovative new products from top breeders and producers from all over France. A wide range of products cultivated in the most varied climatic conditions in France will be presented. The European country looks back on a long heritage of horticulture and breeding knowledge.

The French flower and plant breeders will move from the Galeria into the new Hall 6. As usual, the French nurseries will be placed in Hall 7. Many other French plant exporters, substrate suppliers and plant pot manufacturers will also be participants.

On the Thursday, the International Horticulture Forum will deal with the question of how research, cooperation and public green spaces can advance innovation and quality in the horticultural sector and highlight the significance of plants for improving health and quality of life.