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Hishtil is a world leader of seedlings and young plants of herbs, ornamentals and vegetables. For more info: https://www.hishtil.com/ Find us on Facebook: / hishtil Connect with us on Linkedin: / admin תמ
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Grows in the high mountains from Israel in the north throygh Turkey to Mongolia. Resistant to dryness and extreme cold = Durabello In the summer, white blooms with pink Used as an addiyion to yogurt in Iran and Turkey both as scent and taste and to extend the shelf life of the yogurt (antibacterial and prevents development of mold).
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Grows in the wild in Spain and Portugal with wide and unique leaves, In summer blooms in white 'Pom Pom' shape flowers. Attracts pollinators A culinary and ornamental herb = Bouble Marvel
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A culinary and ornamental semi-prostrate herb Slightly arching stems clothed with richly aromatic foliage, make a softly cascading mound of lush foliage. The rich blue flowers, which appear in spring and early summer are a bonus. Perfect for the border as well as the kitchen or herb garden, the foliage can be picked and use to inprove the flavor of many dishes.
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Introducing the stunning Scabiosa incisa 'Kudo Blue'P! A magnet for bees and butterflies, Ideal for beds, patio containers and borders, this hardy perennial offers a long season of color, with delicate Lavender Blue blooms adorning the plant from June to October. Its beauty doesn't end with summer - The 'Kudo Blue'P transitions into lovely seedheads for added winter interest as autumn arrives. The flowering stem and the foliage are compact compared to the 'Kudo Pink'P.
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