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INADCO Moisture Measurement is a Dutch high technology company, founded in 1996. INADCO is totally committed to the development, production and sales of measuring equipment for the inline and online measurement of physical properties of bulk media.


Since 2000 INADCO is market leader in Europe for measuring according to the European standard EN12580 of the Bulk Density of Growing Media like potting soil and peat.


For that same market equipment for measuring the Moisture Content of that soil was developed and put on the market back in 2006.

We are specialized in the measurement of moisture content using our own unique technology which enables the measurement of continuously coarse inhomogeneous products like forest residues. This solution even provides the user with substantially more information like:


mass flow, mass totalizer
water flow, water totalizer
volume flow, volume totalizer
bulk density flow, bulk density average 

and, of course:


Moisture percentage

Our Moisturemeter II technology even allows real-time calculations of the energy flow and the total amount of energy passed through the system. 


Because we are the developer and manufacturer of our equipment we can, if necessary, adapt our equipment to your specific process and installation requirements.

Our Moisture meters achieve a very high reproducibility and accuracy rate outperforming any other system on the market with respect to the measurement of inhomogeneous bulk solids. The measuring range runs from 0.1 % to as high as 75 % (wet based).

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