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Bulk Density Streaming

Bulk Density Streaming

This device measures the Bulk Density of your peat, potting soil and substrates real time during production and can be used to control the addition of fertilisers and lime in the mixing line. When combined with the Moisturemeter IMP it is the Moisturemeter II.

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Mobile Measurement

Mobile Measurement

This apparatus is intended to be used for measuring Bulk Density and Moisture content of raw materials. The results are directly visible on an Operator Panel. When combined with the unit Potting Reference it is also possible the measure the compressibility of the materials.

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Potting Reference

The Potting Reference is an extension option of the Densimeter. With this extension, it is possible to measure the Potting Reference automatically every time when the Bulk Density is measured.

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Moisture Meters

Moisture Meters

Measuring the moisture content in peat, substrates or potting soil isn’t at easy as it looks like. Normally an operator collects samples during the production and the moisture content will be measured in a laboratory with a drying stove. But wouldn’t it be easier if you could measure directly during the production, because nowadays it is possible to determine the moisture content continuously.


We developed two kinds of moisture sensors, the Moisturemeter IMT and the Moisturemeter IMP.


The Moisturemeter IMT is an extension on the Densimeter. Together known as a Moisturemeter I.

The Moisturemeter IMT is a double wall cylinder with a probe in between that covers 90% of the surface. With this method, the Moisturemeter IMT measures the moisture content of almost the whole amount of product that is present in the cylinder.


The Moisturemeter I can be used for products within a fraction range of 0 – 55mm.


The Moisturemeter IMP is a flat sensor for using in a conveyor belt. The sensor will be built in the conveyor underneath the belt. The sensor is characterized by a large surface area. A surface of 0.5 m2 or more is not uncommon. The advantage of such surface is that the inhomogeneous in the product has no influence anymore on the measuring.

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Why waste a lot of time in manually measuring the Bulk Density when it can be done automatically?

The INADCO Densimeter measures the Bulk Density of your peat, potting soil and substrates inline and online in compliance with the EN12580 Standard. This device is since the year 2000 in use in many factories and it is proven that it’s a reliable, steady and accurate piece of machinery.


The sampler on the Densimeter takes every 5 seconds a sample out of a vertical product stream and put this into the 20L cylinder. The sampling is repeated until the cylinder is completely filled up. Because the cylinder is mounted on a weighing cell the actual weight is known so you don’t need to put the filled cylinder onto a weighing scale.


After the sampling is paused and the measuring and calculating is finished the bottom of the cylinder will go open and the collected sample drops out of the cylinder back into the product stream. This in just a few seconds. After the cylinder is emptied the sample taking will restart.


The total time for filling up the Densimeter, doing the calculation and emptying the cylinder is about 1 minute.


Possible options to extend the Densimeter:

·         Communication on MPI, Profibus or Profinet

·         Moisture measurement

·         Potting Reference

·         Printing

Company profile

INADCO Moisture Measurement is a Dutch high technology company, founded in 1996. INADCO is totally committed to the development, production and sales of measuring equipment for the inline and online measurement of physical properties of bulk media.


Since 2000 INADCO is market leader in Europe for measuring according to the European standard EN12580 of the Bulk Density of Growing Media like potting soil and peat.


For that same market equipment for measuring the Moisture Content of that soil was developed and put on the market back in 2006.

We are specialized in the measurement of moisture content using our own unique technology which enables the measurement of continuously coarse inhomogeneous products like forest residues. This solution even provides the user with substantially more information like:


mass flow, mass totalizer
water flow, water totalizer
volume flow, volume totalizer
bulk density flow, bulk density average

and, of course:


Moisture percentage

Our Moisturemeter II technology even allows real-time calculations of the energy flow and the total amount of energy passed through the system. 


Because we are the developer and manufacturer of our equipment we can, if necessary, adapt our equipment to your specific process and installation requirements.

Our Moisture meters achieve a very high reproducibility and accuracy rate outperforming any other system on the market with respect to the measurement of inhomogeneous bulk solids. The measuring range runs from 0.1 % to as high as 75 % (wet based).