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Fine dust filter for biomass-firing systems

Fine dust filter for biomass-firing systems

The fine dust filter NGFL is offered in a compact and modular design. The filter is available for automatically fed, powerful wood firing systems. This fine dust filter works with microporous ceramic filter elements for highest separating performance of up to 99,99 per cent. This means in practice often dust content less than 1 mg/Nm³ of flue gas, so it's hardly traceable.

The functioning in principle is easy: The hot gas is drawn from the outside to the inside through the filter elements, in this procedure dust particles are deposited on the outer surface of the ceramic elements. The automatic, time or difference pressure controlled cleaning of the filter elements is made by compressed air. An automatic, de-ashing in function of the ash quantity is made by ash screws or pushing ram into mobile ash collecting containers beside according to the customer's desire.


· residual dust quantity < 2,5mg/Nm³, typically < 1mg/Nm³  O2

· no cyclone pre-separator needed

· ceramic filter elements temperature-resistant up to > 1000 degrees and completely insensitive towards burning and flying sparks

· automatic time and difference pressure controlled cleaning of the filter elements by compressed air

· automatic ash removal depending on ash quantity by ash screws or pushing ram into ash containers placed besides

· retrofittable

· compact, modular design

· meets the requirements of all currently valid eligibility programs

· also suitable for fuel of the fuel groups 6 and 7 (according to 1. BImSchV)

· remote maintenance optional

Company profile

For more than 75 year highest quality in wood firing technique

ln Detmold high quality environment-friendly biomass firing systems are produced in the power range of 70 to 2400 KW for more than 75 years. The quality products of our traditional company are made in our own factory in the heart of Lippe from development to completion by more than 70 employees. Biomass firing systems from Nolting are also enjoying great popularity outside Germany, as the current high export share proves.

Know-How and experience for satisfied customers

Whether in the planning or after buying: You are always in the focus as our customer. For us, it is important that you are satisfied with Nolting solutions in the long run and stay excited by our high quality products. A competent advice and the personal contact is the basis for it.

Our experienced staff supports you in the planning, so you will get the solution for an optimum overall concept. Thanks to our customized manufacture we are capable to conceive the accessories for the wood firings according to the special needs of each customer and to find tailor-made cost-effective solutions.

Competence and Service by our own factory customer service

From the analysis of the fuel, economy calculation to the inspection and maintenance, Nolting supports you with expertise, decades of experience and our own factory customer service offering also a network of nationwide service companies. Our service team responds to your individual concerns.

Environment-friendly and energy-efficient biomass firing systems

High-quality in processing, robust in application and impressive in design: The modern and energy-efficient wood burning systems from Nolting make an important contribution to the sustainable preservation of the energy reserves in various sectors as well as a significant contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gases (CO2). Our customers include crafts (woodworking), industry, municipalities, agriculture, horticulture and all those who need a lot of heating energy – and want to produce them economically and environmentally friendly. The product portfolio of our systems, automatic underfeed and moving grate firing systems, container solutions, special firing systems, silo discharges, conveyor systems, flue gas dusting and fine dust filters as well as all accessories and supplementary components.