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Two particularly heat-tolerant and sun-tolerant Fargesia breeding selections

Two particularly heat-tolerant and sun-tolerant Fargesia breeding selections

As the climate changes, the range of plants must also be adapted to the new challenges. Wilfried Janßen (WELL BORN BAMBOO®), known for his exceptional Fargesia breeds, has more than succeeded in this with his two new varieties “Sundbird” and “Arabica”.

Bamboo is able to store large amounts of CO2 due to its highly branched root system and rapid growth. Fargesia have the special property of growing pachymorphically (clump-forming) and not forming root runners. They are therefore ideal for local gardens, terraces and balconies. Most Fargesia varieties prefer a partially shaded location and will curl their leaves in strong sunlight, drought and frost. However, “Sunbird” and “Arabica” are completely different.

Fargesia rufa "Sunbird" impresses with its upright growth, which is unusual for Fargesia rufa, and can be easily cultivated in a pot. As the name “Sunbird” suggests, this variety thrives very well in the sun and in particularly warm locations. In test plantings it made an excellent impression in full sunlight and temperatures around 40 degree. The large, strong green leaves do not curl up, even in particularly strong sunlight. At the same time, the new shoots delight with attractive bronze-coloured nuances.

Fargesia rufa "Arabica" (The Cinnamonbamboo) is a striking eye-catcher. Particularly strong-growing - upright - with strong stalks and new shoots that are reminiscent of cinnamon sticks due to their almost coffee-brown colour. A particularly decorative eye-catcher that also looks great in exposed and sunny locations. What is particularly noteworthy is the two varieties' pronounced pest and disease resistance.

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Wilfried Janßen, owner of the Baumschule Wilfried Janßen, has been successfully selecting and breeding Fargesia varieties for more than 30 years. He presents his eye-catching, robust and unusually colorful selections for bamboo in the WELL BORN BAMBOO AFRICA® collection, which is now popular throughout Europe and which now includes almost 20 varieties and is constantly growing.
WELL BORN BAMBOO is more than eye-catching branding. The breedings come from seedlings from natural sites and have been carefully selected and tested over many years. The wide range ranges from spherical varieties that grow similarly to boxwood, to particularly strong-growing varieties that can reach heights of up to 6m, to varieties with colorful new shoots and Fargesia that are exceptionally well suited to particularly warm and sunny locations.
All varieties have European variety- and trademark-protection and are only produced in strictly limited quantities by the Janßen tree nursery itself and a few selected licensees.