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Products and innovations

LED horticultural lighting

LED horticultural lighting

Engel Lighting produces horticultural LED lighting and shows how LED lighting strategies can maximize profits, increase yields and specifically control desired plant morphology.

The key to the success of an LED lighting strategy is to change limiting abiotic factors through a new balance.

With LED lighting, the plant can not only be illuminated vertically, but also horizontally and closer because less heat is generated. As a result, greenhouses can be built lower and also illuminated in summer. Many plants grow better in fully controlled environments without daylight because they are less exposed to stress and pathogens and when planted in rock wool or foam they have better access to nutrients and water.
More plants can be cultivated in a smaller area, whereby the costs for air conditioning are reduced and lower operating costs are achieved through a significantly longer lifespan. Standardization measures at all stages of production are fundamental to production. The ability to measure and control all environmental factors in climate-controlled plant cultivation areas makes it possible to control the cultivation conditions completely independently of the climate of the location and to generate optimal growth conditions and thus harvest more crops each year.

Engel Lighting offers professional LED garden lights with uniform light distribution, quiet in operation and reliable for many years. Individually or in series for use on shelves (vertical farming) and on growing tables.

Product range

LED interior light bar

LED interior light bar

LED light strips produce a uniform and soft light without visible LEDs. The metal brackets on the back ensure a stable and the plug-in terminals for quick installation on the ceiling and wall as well as for hanging.

The luminaire can be wired through in a few simple steps. Cable entry is possible from two sides. White lacquered steel sheet and a cover made of high-performance polycarbonate give the light bar a high stability with low weight. The shape is simple and timeless.

With our technology you can achieve energy savings of up to 50% compared to comparable lights. It is maintenance-free with a useful life of 50,000 hours. Our light strips are available in a wide variety of dimensions and are particularly suitable for supermarkets, hallways, canteens, side rooms and cove lighting.

Product range

Waterproof luminaire made of two-tone extruded polycarbonate

Waterproof luminaire made of two-tone extruded polycarbonate

Waterproof luminaires made of two-tone extruded polycarbonate are universal solutions for a wide range of applications, from the stop to the tunnel, from the warehouse to the basement. The housing is made of shockproof polycarbonate and ensures robustness and durability. In addition, the lights are extremely resistant to cold, heat, moisture, dust, shocks and impacts and can be used in a temperature range from -25 to +50 degrees Celsius.

The light color is even and soft and a constant voltage ensures high conversion efficiency and a luminous efficacy of 130 lm / W, easy to install and can be attached to the ceiling and wall. Fast cabling thanks to end caps with bayonet lock and connecting terminals.

The lamp body is made of two-tone extruded polycarbonate and is extremely impact-resistant. The cover is also made of polycarbonate, which creates efficient and pleasant light scattering. During manufacture, the end cover and the lamp body are connected with special glue to ensure a very good seal, which means that the lights do not need any seals or connecting clamps. Covered parking spaces, cold rooms and industrial halls are particularly suitable areas of application. Equipping with an emergency battery is possible on request.

Product range

Waterproof diffuser luminaires

Waterproof diffuser luminaires

The maintenance-free waterproof diffuser luminaires are suitable for industrial use, offer a high-quality light emission effect at low operating costs and are resistant to complex and harsh environments. The light is bright, even and soft.

Our waterproof diffuser luminaires deliver high, constant and efficient performance with a luminous efficacy of 115 lm / W. As a result, they are brighter and up to 50% more energy efficient than conventional luminaires.

With a stylish and wide surface, made of polycarbonate, they offer high resistance to mechanical stress, are dustproof and protected against water jets from any angle according to protection class IP65. Easy to install and applicable in a variety of industrial and transition areas.

Particularly suitable for cellars, garages, factories, workshops, industrial and storage halls as well as parking lots, parking garages, stairs and corridors. Equipped with a stainless steel bracket and hook, it can be conveniently and easily installed both directly on the ceiling and suspended.

Company profile

Engel Lighting as a specialist for LED-based lighting solutions for plant production, as well as industrial LED lights, has proven itself with its good quality and excellent performance. A lot has been invested in the development of sophisticated new products in recent years. Quality and reliability is our top priority

Safety, stable performance, energy efficiency, fair price and customer-oriented service are the most important values ​​of our company. Our goal is to help you optimize your operating costs with excellent service. If you are looking for a qualified and reliable partner, Engel Lighting is the right choice.

We do not compromise on the quality of our lights. We are customer-oriented, responsible and precise and firmly believe that good quality products, a fair price and customer-oriented service open up countless possibilities.
LED development has changed the lighting market dramatically. Luminaires today have to work more efficiently, save more energy, be controllable and adapt to different environments.

We are working to make the world greener and our environment more sustainable with our efforts. As an economic partner for lighting solutions, both in terms of investments and the environment, we guarantee quality for years.
With the goal of customer satisfaction, we have established our needs-based services. Regardless of whether you choose our lights or which lights you bought from us, we guarantee that we will offer you the best possible service and support. Your trust, our promise!