Bültenweg 48
DE 38106 Braunschweig

Company profile

Successful gardening in harmony with nature

The Family Business is managed by its owner and was founded in 1838. It is based in Braunschweig and has been producing for 8 generations natural agents for plant strenghtening and protecting.
The products of Schacht are always connected to the highest level of efficiency and protection of flora and fauna.
Schacht stands for high quality wound sealing products based on natural resins, that are produced unmodified since 100 years. The company is famous for the plant strengthener of the „Schacht Kräutergarten (herb garden)“ – sorted, powdered medicinal herbs to set an ecological spray fluid oneself. Since 2009 the herb mixes are sold as premixed plant strengtheners and are increasing in popularity. As well followers of the natural product neem lean on the appropriate agents from the traditional company in Braunschweig today. The latest products are the organic fertilisers which are produced with the highest demand of quality.