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Rotary Fogging nozzle Description: 360° Rotary Fogging Nozzle/180° Rotary Fogging Nozzle
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Rotary Fogging nozzle Description: 360° Rotary Fogging Nozzle/180° Rotary Fogging Nozzle
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Fufong Rotary Fogging System Grandly Launched and Demonstrated at IPM

Fufong Rotary Fogging System Grandly Launched and Demonstrated at IPM

Fufong company is a professional manufacturer of fogging nozzles, parts and systems. For decades, we had focused on solving the problems faced by fogging systems and in ten years ago, FuFong developed a vortex stainless steel filter nozzle that greatly reduced the clogging probability of fogging nozzles, improved the quality and life of fogging systems and solved the problem of high maintenance costs of fogging systems. It overturned the users' stereotype of the difficulty of maintaining fog systems, re-established the users' confidence in using fog systems, and reactivate the directional fogging systems on the market. Now, directional fogging systems are generally used with vortex stainless steel filter nozzles, making the fogging systems for cooling and humidifying quite stable in the market.


We can not only provide stable quality on fogging system parts, but also constantly improve the quality of fogging systems. Our engineers have nearly 30 years of professional knowledge and experience in on-site planning and can provide customized and perfect fogging system design then output. In addition to stable sales in the domestic market and gaining the trust of professional users, we also expand our export market to countries around the world, selling to more than 30 countries, with a wide range of regions and stable success cases.


  Taiwan's agriculture is facing a serious shortage of labor, and urgently needs to improve the agricultural working environment, and attract young people to join the agricultural industry. Fufong adheres to the philosophy of "Create fog with water, nourish all things", and launches a smart fogging system, which combines 5G network, environmental monitoring, data analysis and other technologies, to achieve remote control, automated management, and precise spraying functions, greatly improving agricultural efficiency and quality. Fufong's developed rotary nozzle uses a high-pressure pump to drive, which can rotate 360° and create a wide range of fog. The fog particles are uniform and fine, which can stabilize the fogging of medicine or liquid fertilizer, and accurately diffuse to the target plants, reducing the waste of water and medicine, and achieving the effect of energy saving and carbon reduction. Fufong's smart fogging system is a model of Taiwan's agricultural innovation, bringing new hope and vitality to Taiwan's agriculture.


Fufong's smart fogging spraying system can realize the full automation of unmanned spraying in the park. The system can electronically monitor and record the amount of medicine, the operation time of the rotary nozzle, the automatic switching of different loops, and the temperature and humidity changes before/after fogging, effectively solving the problem of agricultural labor shortage, while also reducing the risk of pesticide spraying errors, saving water、 medicine or fertilizer costs. The system uses a rotary fogging nozzle which is the best choice for fogging in the actuation system, it can truly realize agricultural management automation, improving agricultural quality and efficiency.


Fufong's rotary nozzle system is suitable for the spraying needs of hillside tea gardens. In the high mountains where the air flow is unstable, the tea gardens used to spray pesticides manually in the early morning, but now they can use Fufong's smart fogging system, which installs remote control and automatic control, allowing the owners to remotely control the system from their studio at a high point. Fufong's smart fogging system helps the tea gardens achieve automation and unmanned technology with light labor, reducing the burden on farmers and improving the quality of tea leaves.

Company profile

FU-FONG Fogging CO, was established in 2004 ,We are a company professional committed to manufacturing fog nozzles, fitting and accessories in Taiwan, in recent years, we has been developed the first stainless steel filter vortex nozzle to greatly improve the quality and life of the fogging system.
We are not only provide stable quality in the fog system components, but also continuously improve the fogging system.
Our engineers have more than 30 years of on-site planning expertise and experience to provide customized and complete fog system design. We can provide a stable supply not only in domestic sale , also exported to more than 30 countries around the world, fog system use many stability success case for wide range of regional .

With the mind of 「making fog by water to growing organism」, we hope 「spraying system」 can make environmental better in the world