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DE 29465 Schnega
Ms. Ute Wieneke-Schulze
Product range

INOQ Mycorrhiza

Founded in 2001, INOQ GmbH is a Biotechnology firm specialised in development, production and commercialization of innovative ecological products with mycorrhiza fungi for different applications:

- Ecological Agriculture and Horticulture
- Gardening and Landscaping
- Plant Production
- Recultivation
- Roof Planting
- Golf and Sport Greens
- Tree planting and maintenance

Company profile

INOQ is a leading developer and producer of beneficial microorganisms for sustainable agriculture and food production. We specialize on high quality Mycorrhiza products.

INOQ works as an interface between research and application in the field of Agriculture, Horticulture, Gardening and Forestry. Our scientists work with our sister company Institut für Pflanzenkultur and other national and international research institutions in world-class research and innovation projects.