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Company profile

Doktor Tarsa Group

As an agricultural company Doktor Tarsa founded in 1987 in Istanbul and headquarter moved to Turkey’s agricultural capital Antalya in 2000. At the same year SQM, one of the world leader potassium nitrate producers, has done 50% joint venture with Doktor Tarsa. Doktor Tarsa started its business life with importing and selling “Peat” and after becoming a producer, more than 3000 products such as straight, compound, slow release, controlled release, foliar and liquid fertilizers, dosageautomation systems, saplings, flower, vegetable, forage and open field seeds added into portfolio beside agricultural laboratory service.Today with companies have joined into family

- Tasaco (Seed Production and Sale)

- Doktolab (Agricultural Laboratory)

- Plantacote N.V. Belgium (Controlled Release Fertilizer Production)

- Terra Tarsa Ukraine (Fertilizer Distribution)

- Anorel N.V. Belgium (Fertilizer Production and Sale),

- Prosementi SRL Italy (Alfalfa Production)

Doktor Tarsa become a Corporate


Since more than 3 decades Plantacote® sets new standards in controlled release Plant Nutrition. Produced in a new manufacturing site in Turkey and this in more than 40 countries worldwide. With its new production site in Turkey/Antalya Plantacote® controlled release Plant Nutrition enables the grower to adjust the nutrient supply to the specific requirements of the crop. Plantacote® is highly efficient in nutrient utilization. Besides this economical aspect Plantacote® is environmentally friendly due to prevention of leaching, volatilization and fixation of nutrients in the soils. The unique coating technology and quality standards make Plantacote® very reliable for growing high-quality plants.