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Products and innovations

EcoLAVA-Mineral - the complete mineral fertilizer

EcoLAVA-Mineral is a mineral fertilizer made from volcanic lava without chemical additives.

100 per cent organic, universally applicable, economical to use, highly effective and cost-effective.

Company profile

Pogonia - Nowe Technologie Sp.z o.o. is a family business that produces ecological mineral fertilisers - naturally from volcanic lava minerals
under the trade name Eco LAVA-MINERAL.The company specialises in the production and development of ecological solutions to strengthen the natural functions of the soil and to grow healthy crops on it - for a healthy environment and a healthy diet.

Without the use of chemical additives! EcoLAVA-Mineral is 100% BIO! Its unique mineral composition offers not only all the prerequisites for healthy plant growth, it also sets billions of microbes and bacteria in motion, which act as a natural and tireless factory in the soil, renaturalising and detoxifying it.

EcoLAVA-Mineral provides plants with ALL essential minerals for strong roots and healthy growth!

EcoLAVA-Mineral is economical to use, delivers the highest quality, is 100% organic and 1/3 cheaper than conventional fertilisers.

EcoLAVA-Mineral can be used as:
" granules " concentrate / colloids / nanotechnology
Available in grain sizes of 0-2 mm, 0-4 mm, 0-5 mm and 2-5 mm (granules) or concentrate / colloids as root stimulator and growth stimulator as a highly effective and universally applicable plant fertiliser. Only 600 kg of granules can fertilise 1 ha of agricultural area can be fertilised; with just 24 kg of concentrate, for example, 3 ha of agricultural land can be completely fertilised (depending on soil quality, pH value)

We have all certifications of the European Union and therefore fulfil all relevant standards and requirements for the European market.
- meets the requirements of the German Fertiliser Ordinance (DüMV) from 05.12.2012
- fulfils all EU requirements for organic farming (EU-2018/848, EU-2021/1165)
- can be sold in Germany in accordance with mutual EU recognition (EU-VO 2019/515)

Our storage facility in Poland allows the reliable supply of 100,000-120,000 tonnes per year in all packaging sizes (up to BigBags)